Trump is receiving lots of medical care. Some doctors wonder if it's too much.

A number of doctors and researchers reacted with dismay to the drugs and vitamins that President Trump had been given before his hospitalization. On Friday Conley released a list of medications the president was being given to fight COVID-19.

While one of the treatments – a pair of antibodies being developed to help fight the virus – is being explored in large clinical trials, the other drugs and vitamins have not been well researched, and there is no information about using them in combination, a handful of researchers said.

“It’s bad medicine and it’s a bad message,” said Dr. Vinay Prasad, a hematologist-oncologist at the University of California San Francisco, who studies health policy, clinical trials and medical decision-making.

Bad medicine because of the lack of proof, he said, and a bad message because it suggests important people don’t need to wait for the scientific process to unfold before getting access to unproven medicines.