"I had lost all hope": Clorox wipes are still the hard-to-find pandemic item

Finding a canister feels akin to winning the lottery or finding a pot of gold.

“I screamed, probably scaring the teenage boy who was doing the unboxing, and then I did a little dance in the aisle,” Lindsey LaCara, a 36-year-old restaurant manager from Holbrook, Mass., said of spying an employee placing Lysol wipes on the shelves of the regional chain Trucchi’s Supermarkets. “I took the two I was allowed to take and off I went, feeling like I had just won a gold medal at the Olympics.”…

The company said it was struggling because demand for the wipes had surged 500 percent in the last few months. After increasing production, Clorox is making one million canisters of disinfecting wipes each day. (Executives wouldn’t say how that compared with before the pandemic.) It plans to further increase production early next year.