Did the White House edit out a cough from Trump's video last night?

At around one minute five seconds into the four minute clip, the president appears to hiccup slightly. His shoulders rise, and you hear a noise.

While some believe the noise and response were simply Trump stifling a cough or hiccuping, others speculated that it could have been an edit, to remove the splutter.

Those familiar with editing software say that it was reworked with Adobe Premiere, using the ‘morph cut’ tool, which smooths out cuts in footage and is often used to edit out unwanted pauses or stutters.

Chris Evans, host of The Wine Therapy podcast, tweeted to his 59,000 followers: ‘Trump coughed here after the word ‘therapeutics’ and it was edited out using the morph cut feature in @AdobePremiereCC.’

Christopher Orr, a contributing writer for The Atlantic and Forbes, agreed with Evans’ analysis.