Poll: 72% say Trump didn't take proper precautions against infection

In two separate questions, an identical 72% said that Trump did not take the “risk of contracting the virus seriously enough,” nor “the appropriate precautions when it came to his personal health.” The poll was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel on Friday and Saturday, following Trump’s positive test early Friday morning.

In each of the two questions, over 2 in 5 (43%) Republicans hold the negative sentiments about Trump’s mindset and preventative actions regarding the coronavirus, compared to 95% and 94% of Democrats, respectively…

Americans are split evenly, 50%-50% on whether Trump “will or will not be able to effectively handle his duties as president if there is a military or national security crisis” during his illness, with 90% of Republicans expressing confidence in the president.

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