Coronavirus and Fox News collide, and Chris Wallace is at the center of it

Wallace acknowledged he was in a “uniquely vulnerable circle,” given he was on the debate stage with two other unmasked people, one of whom now has tested positive for the coronavirus. But, citing his doctor’s advice, he said he would wait until Monday for a test, “because it takes five days for the virus to load up enough and I could have a test today and it’d be a false negative.” (Biden announced he tested negative Friday.)…

Wallace later shared a plane back to Washington with D.C.-based colleagues, while Murdoch returned to Los Angeles and Scott to New York. (Murdoch did not meet with Trump or anyone from the administration, according to Megan Klein, a Fox Corp. spokeswoman.)

Baier and MacCallum were the only other Fox anchors in the hall. Other Fox personalities in Cleveland included Dana Perino, Juan Williams and Bill Hemmer, but they broadcast from a set across the street. Also on hand was Fox host Sean Hannity, who interviewed Donald Trump Jr. afterward. They bumped elbows and laughed at the gesture, assuring the audience that they had both been tested for the coronavirus. They joked about not wearing masks, and Trump Jr. noted that they might be thrown “in the gulag” for not doing so.