Report: Fox forced out Kim Guilfoyle due to sexual harassment claims against her

According to the bombshell complaint, Guilfoyle had constantly spoken openly with her assistant about her sex life and would share photos of genitals of the men of with whom she was sleeping.

She also reportedly made the woman share hotel rooms with her while traveling and in New York, would require her to sleepover her apartment, which she described made her feel uncomfortable.

There, Guilfoyle would often undress herself in front of her employee and even asked her to ‘critique her naked body’, the report claims.

Those allegations were corroborated by a witness who told the magazine, Guilfoyle was ‘provocative in a way that made you want to get away from this person.’

Another source confirmed claims that the former news presenter had shared photos of naked men, and one former Fox staff member told the magazine she had allegedly shown pornographic videos in the office.