Trump was his own worst enemy at the debate

President Trump’s performance was perhaps his worst in a major debate so far because he squandered numerous opportunities to let Biden hang himself with his own words. Rather than let viewers see Biden avoid the question after being asked by moderator Chris Wallace if he would pack the court or explain why he called the post-COVID travel ban from China xenophobic, Trump repeatedly interrupted, thus saving Biden in some of his most vulnerable moments…

The good news for Biden is that he campaigned as the return-to-normalcy candidate. Trump by contrast became his own worst enemy — he kept derailing the conversation. Anyone who was depressed by the general wackiness of the debate may find Biden more appealing now. The good news for Trump is that he projected a sense of strength and that he usually improves with each debate.

I finished the night with a pounding headache. It’s unclear if it was due to residual effects from being hit be a car a couple of weeks ago or the insanity of the debate, but I’m assuming the latter. After watching the event in DC among around 30 conservative friends, there was near universal agreement that America lost.