Schumer aims to squeeze GOP on Obamacare

Schumer’s procedural move schedules a floor vote after the Senate passes a resolution to fund the government past September 30. It is rare for the minority leader to set up a vote without objection, and Tuesday’s procedural move was Schumer’s first time doing so. But the vote comes as the politics around the polarizing 10-year-old health law have never been fiercer.

The vote is all but guaranteed to fail but provides the minority leader the opportunity to force Republicans to vote on a health care bill before the election.

Senate Democrats are making the future of Obamacare a key issue in their fight against confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who President Donald Trump nominated to the Supreme Court Saturday. Barrett, who has strong conservative credentials and is a protegee of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, has criticized Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ 2012 decision that saved the law from its first major constitutional challenge.