Supreme Court fight should drive Democrats and help Biden

Republicans hope that appointment of a conservative activist will galvanize the president’s right wing base this year. The GOP base is already energized but the fight over Barrett’s nomination could be an essential element of the Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s effort to get potential progressive supporters out to vote.

Fear is a powerful motivating force in campaigns and the fear factor over ending Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act might close the enthusiasm gap and drive Democratic voters to the polls. The battle to protect Ginsburg’s legacy could seal the deal between Biden and the progressives and boost Democratic turnout between now and Nov. 3.

A recent national survey conducted by NPR and PBS gave Biden a 10-point lead over Trump. But Trump supporters were much more likely to be committed to their choice than possible Biden voters. The contentious fight over Trump’s nominee could be just what the juris doctor ordered to attract soft Democrats to the polls.

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