Progressives bide time for a Biden victory

What they’re saying: “In 2016, everyone thought Hillary was going to win, so it was kind of a free runway,” said Jesse Lee, a senior adviser at the Center for American Progress. “That’s obviously not the case in this cycle.”

“We are all setting our disagreements aside in order to make sure that Joe Biden’s the next President of the United States,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Axios’ Alayna Treene.

When endorsing Biden in the summer, social justice activist Angela Davis said she was doing so because he “can be most effectively pressured by” the left.

Jeff Hauser, president of the Revolving Door Project, said Biden isn‘t paying a price yet for his resistance to progressive ideas like Medicare for All because “having a full-throated argument about these topics is probably deemed secondary to actually winning the election…there are groups that are biding their time until after a Biden victory is declared.”

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