Brad Parscale's wife alleges spousal abuse

Parscale’s wife, Candice Parscale, told the officers who responded that after an argument, her husband had loaded a gun in front of her. She fled the house and heard “a loud bang,” she told police.

Police said they were able to make contact by phone with Parscale, 44, but he refused to exit the residence and appeared to be intoxicated and crying. Officers also observed scratching and bruising on Candice Parscale’s face and arms, which she said were the result of prior spousal abuse.

SWAT personnel and other officers arrived on the scene, and Parscale was observed shirtless and yelling in what police described as an agitated tone. Eventually, officers convinced Parscale — who was carrying a beer — to walk outside, but say they were forced to tackle and handcuff him when he repeatedly ignored their direction to get on the ground.