Scenes from a Supreme Court focus group

My working theory had been that a Supreme Court fight was likely to help Trump slightly, because (1) it sends voters back to their ideological corners and (2) shifts the macro-political environment from a referendum on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus to a fight about process and ideology which has the potential to energize Republicans.

And yet the group didn’t reflect that perspective at all.

The women generally felt that it was unfair and hypocritical for Republicans to move forward with a Supreme Court nomination when they had refused to do so for Barack Obama’s nominee.

As one woman said to much nodding from the group:

Something super similar happened at end of the last presidential term, and there was a big stink made that we don’t do that during an election cycle. So I kinda want to stick to my guns and say we should be consistent. I’m a little bit turned off by all of the Republicans, like, push to make it happen. Because it’s exactly opposite of what they said should happen last time. So it’s actually made me a little bit, like, pushed away from the Republicans a little more.