Romney is the guy who can’t please anyone — and he’s humble enough to accept it

It seems to be Romney’s fate to be permanently affixed to the public whipping post, no matter what he does. He’s the guy who can’t please anyone, and who, unbeknownst to most, is humble enough to accept that fate. In that rarest of qualities among politicians, his conscience truly is his guide.

I say this from having known Romney for more than a decade. Though he often has trouble connecting to voters in public venues, this private man is among the very few to whom I would ascribe noble intentions. Maybe it’s his Mormon faith, but Romney has no affinity for the easy path. Indeed, at this point, self-immolation might hold some appeal.

His choice to follow President Trump’s lead and allow the confirmation process to go forward has only earned him new enemies. In the nation’s capital, Romney remains the loneliest ranger — loved by none, hated — by turns — by nearly all.

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