Andrew Cuomo is playing with racial fire

“Breonna Taylor’s death was murder,” Cuomo declaimed Thursday, with his customary degree of subtlety and reflection — which is to say, none. “People were outraged. Yes, because it’s outrageous. If a person was murdered, then there’s a murderer, right? That’s how it works.”

Maybe that’s how it works in circular-thinking left-wing fever swamps — where outrage eclipses the rule of law. But not where respect for due process and for common decency prevail. Like in Kentucky, it seems.

There, a duly constituted grand jury found that Breonna Taylor died last spring when police — executing a properly issued search warrant — came under fire from Taylor’s boyfriend and returned it, fatally wounding Taylor.

A tragedy? So it would seem. A fiasco? Obviously. But murder? Lacking further information, not by the stretch of any honest observer’s imagination.