"You bet your ass I've got regrets"

Since going public with his dismay, Taylor has been getting what he calls “graphic death threats” but says going speaking out was worth the weight off his conscience of being part of misguided and poorly executed policies designed to win Trump voters, like the shutdown of the U.S. border that separated thousands of children from their families.

“Do I have regrets about that? You bet your ass I’ve got regrets about that,” he says, adding that former Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen foresaw that particular nightmare coming, but got outvoted by Trump’s inner circle of yes men.

Not everyone is sure they want to put themselves in the President’s crosshairs. Taylor says more senior officials, including a former cabinet member, are in touch with him and are considering speaking out, but worry about both rhetorical retribution by Trump and physical threats by his supporters.

One former senior official who regularly briefed the president is considering speaking out against his former boss, too.”Everything, every decision, was made based on his re-election as opposed to what’s good for the country,” the official says of Trump. “There is no bottom to this guy … There is no level so low that he will not stoop to. And his sycophants will support him every step of the way.”

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