The strongman cometh

These comments are not unhelpful. They are not worrisome. They are not irresponsible.

They are the expression of a coherent worldview.

Power exists to be used.
Leaders who do not use strength to deal with challenges to their power will lose what they most cherish.
The firm hand of power is an expression of a leader’s love for his people.
The people reward the strong leader with requited love.
Any expression of dissent is an inauthentic view of a disgruntled minority seeking to thwart the true will of the people…

[T]he precipice is here. Donald Trump just told you.

In fact, he’s been telling anyone who would listen for 30 years.

Maybe he won’t be able to pull it off. Maybe Roberts and Gorsuch will stand in the breach. Maybe he’ll wimp out in the end because he’s more of a man-baby than a strongman.

But just how much are you willing to bet on that?