Poll: Catholics favor Biden, but who will vote is key

In the new RealClear-EWTN survey, the third installment of this joint poll, 51% of active Catholics approve of Trump’s performance in office. By contrast, among those who attend church only about once a month, the president is underwater: Only 42% approve of his job performance, while 58% disapprove. Among registered Catholic voters who seldom or never attend Mass — cultural, not practicing, Catholics, if you will — Trump’s job approval rating doesn’t even reach 40%.

A similar chasm within Catholicism exists between Hispanic and Anglo voters. Some 57% of Catholics identify themselves as non-Hispanic whites, while Hispanics make up 36% of the sample (in addition to 3% non-Hispanic blacks and 2% Asians). Overall, Hispanic Catholics support Joe Biden over Donald Trump by a 2-to-1 margin, although this gap narrows considerably among Hispanics who attend Mass at least once a week: Their support for Trump rises to 43%, which is about the same as his support nationally.

If there’s any good news here for Republicans, it’s that the Catholic voters who are most highly motivated to attend church weekly generally are also usually the most committed to voting. In other words, Trump’s Catholic supporters tend to punch above their numerical weight. Another factor that may offer solace to Republicans — and be a source of concern to Democrats — came in response to queries about social unrest in America, including specific questions about policing and attacks on religious symbols.

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