Donald the TruCon

And he also proved something else: There was a whole batch of swing voters out there who were gettable for Republicans. These were voters who reflected the party’s culturally conservative values, even if they didn’t necessarily buy into Ryanomics and evangelicalism.

These voters, to generalize, are secular and working-class former Democrats who hate globalization, immigration, and Hillary Clinton. When they looked at Donald Trump they saw a womanizing New Yorker who had probably paid for an abortion or two, was gonna cut some deals to bring jobs back to their communities, shake up the stiff and spineless D.C. set, and keep his hands off their Medicare.

It’s the classic Obama/Trump voter. You can read 182 profiles of them in the New York Times, all set in Mechanicsburg diners.

Do these seem like the kind of people who, today, are going to be super-excited about Donald Trump making a social conservative true-believer who is poised to tip the scales of the Supreme Court against Obamacare and Roe v. Wade his “running mate”?