Social media is still conservatives' best electoral tool

As frustrated as we all are about progressive bias in Big Tech, these platforms are still the most effective tool we’ve ever had to directly connect with swing voters and independents across the country. While we chafe at the moderation of some conservative posts, we have a far bigger voice on social media than we ever had in mainstream media. And while liberals complain about conservative news and views online, the most popular posts on Facebook are from conservative thinkers and outlets. Dennis Prager’s videos, which YouTube hosts for free, have over a billion views; the same cannot be said of the front page of the New York Times or MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Using antitrust laws to break up social media would end the surge of conservative content online, returning control of the news cycle to the mainstream media. If that happened, the reelection of Donald Trump — or the election of a future conservative president — would be unimaginable.

Republicans should see Democrats’ attempts to tear up the tech industry for what they are: a politics of envy, superpowered by a political desire to punish new forms of media that host conservative news and views. We cannot give a future Democratic administration the power to have its way with America’s economy while progressives provide cover by controlling the media narrative.

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