I'm a conservative and I'm voting for Joe Biden

Finally, I have profound respect for military service and the self-sacrifice that leads young Americans toward careers in the armed service. I served on a Navy destroyer and later with a division of Swift boats conducting river operations during the Vietnam War. I saw first hand their dedication and sacrifices.

I served in Congress alongside Sen. John McCain whose service and sacrifice in Vietnam went far beyond what was asked of me.

I watched in disgust in 2015 as a draft dodger with a spray tan insulted John McCain’s ordeals of torture in a Hanoi prison camp, and was saddened — but not surprised – when later he called anyone who served in the military a “loser” and a “sucker.”

Trump is the opposite of a conservative. He has no respect for American traditions or respect for its institutions. His voters would only be fooling themselves a second time if they imagine he is in this game for anything other than his own interests and ego satisfaction.

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