Dutch demand answers after U.S. ambassador holds party for right-wing populists at embassy

On Monday, Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer published a detailed description of the Sept. 10 gathering, attended by a large group of Forum for Democracy (FvD) members and supporters in the business community, bringing it to widespread attention.

The State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment. U.S. officials told the Dutch media that the proceeding was nothing out of the ordinary, but lawmakers argued it blurred the line between a typical embassy event and a fundraising gathering for the FvD — a potential breach of international law, which prohibits interference in domestic politics.

Party attendees told De Groene that entrepreneurs constituted around 40 percent of the crowd, some of whom had already donated to the FvD, and that the invitations included contact details for Joyce Vastenhouw, who is listed as “Head of Fundraising” for the party on LinkedIn.

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