A "circus" Senate hearing? GOP sees gain if Dems act up

First and foremost, Republicans want the nominee confirmed. But they wouldn’t mind a melee in the Judiciary Committee either. A clash between Harris and Trump’s first female nominee, they believe, would drive turnout in November — the more contentious, the better.

A prosecutor and state attorney general before entering national politics, Harris could certainly leave a dent. A bruising line of questioning between the senator and Kavanaugh over abortion rights, among other topics, didn’t derail his career. It did propel hers. She asked him to identify any laws that allowed the federal government to control the bodies of men. He couldn’t. The exchange was billed as “a breakout moment” for California’s freshman senator.

Trump World sees what’s ahead as a win-win situation, and a senior official gaming out strategy for the campaign tells RealClearPolitics that “the ball is in Democrats’ court.”

If the opposition party lays low, the official believes Joe Biden and Harris could “make the electoral impact relatively small if they go about this in a traditional manner.”

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