Voters will reward Republicans for confirming a new justice

Contrarily, the liberal approach of pushing “woke” modern “social justice” through a framework that treats the very words of the Constitution as if they “evolve” is what leads, in broad strokes, to the liberal side of the equation as outlined above.

As I have argued for two full decades, when conservatives fight on issues related to judges and the courts, including abortion, conservatives win. On all those results above, majorities or pluralities support the conservative approach. On how to read the Constitution – a sturdy, fixed guarantee of rights (conservative) versus a document that changes as judges change – more conservatives than liberals consider this a major motivation for their votes.

On a purely political level, which is where most U.S. senators operate most of the time, all of these considerations should buck up the courage of Republicans worried about whether to fill the seat this year that was just vacated by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. At least at the margins, a fight to confirm an attractive conservative nominee will help almost all Republican Senate candidates across the country, plus put Joe Biden in some difficult positions.