South Carolina Senate: Graham 46, Harrison 45

Graham’s weakness compared to Trump in South Carolina polling has so far appeared to come mainly from Republican voters: While Trump has support from 93 percent of Republicans, Graham has support from 84 percent in the same poll — making him one of the worst-performing GOP incumbents up for re-election this cycle among voters from his own party…

South Carolina state Sen. Brad Hutto, the Democrat who ran against Graham in 2014, said the Supreme Court fight may help Graham with the GOP base, but it will also make him out to be a “flip-flopping liar” to those independents and conservatives who are not motivated by social issues due to Graham’s statements in 2016 opposing an election-year nomination of a Supreme Court justice. The message has been echoed by Harrison’s campaign and its allies in the days since Ginsburg’s death.

“That latter group is Jaime’s target,” Hutto said on Monday. “Jaime was never going to get base Republicans.”

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