NYC’s restaurants fear 25% indoor cap means "Armageddon"

“If outdoor dining ends and we are only able to offer indoor dining at 25 percent, we will end up going out of business. This is Armageddon for the restaurant industry,” said Nahid Ahmed, co-owner of Luthun, a small, tasting-menu-only restaurant in the East Village.

“We cannot get through the winter with only 25 percent unless there is some sort of government assistance.”

These are not the cries of Chicken Little, said restaurant consultant Don Evans, who broke the crisis down by the numbers.

High-end restaurants, he said, spend most of their money on payroll, around 33 percent. Food and beverage takes another 33 percent. The rest of the expenses might include 10 percent on rent; 10 percent on insurance and utilities; and 14 percent on “other” expenses, including linens, garbage, sanitation and paying outside apps like OpenTable.