"He's not actually looking out for you"

She cited, for example, the president’s decision to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the height of the pandemic during the summer, where he didn’t follow the advice of experts on protective measures, such as wearing a mask.

“He’s not actually looking out for you,” Troye said. “He’s not looking out for these people. He’s not looking out for them. He just wants you in that audience so he can have the camera shot of, you know, his fanfare and the people around him. But the truth is, he’s putting those lives at risk.”…

In the interview, which aired in part on NBC’s “TODAY” show, Troye said it was “very challenging” working on the task force because “suddenly the course of what we were doing had changed because that wasn’t really what the president wanted.”

“It’s very hard when you’re trying to actually base things on facts and science and on the data to have a president that wasn’t focused on that,” she said. “He was really focused on public image, messaging and it was really more about, you know, his personal agenda than really the agenda that the task force had at hand, which was how are we going to save and protect Americans.”

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