Governments enter the lockdown twilight zone

We’re now in a somewhat confused Twilight Zone of pseudo or partial lockdowns. Fearful of outright rebellion, and of snuffing out signs of economic recovery, each government is opting for its own hodge-podge of curbs. In some countries gatherings are limited to four, in others six. Some have strict, monitored quarantines, others simply rely on people to “do the right thing.”

Above all, governments are trying their best to avoid a return to the restrictions of March and April. To do so would be to admit failure, that the virus is not only back, but it’s as bad as before. Some politicians are contorting themselves into word pretzels to avoid actually saying the one that starts with “L.”

It’s a tough one for leaders. Even as people object to hard lockdowns — the idea of “big” government interfering in their daily lives — they do want “big government” in terms of spending, access to health care, job support and rescuing key companies. So essentially “small-but-big” government.

And hard choices lie ahead.

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