Yes, expect fireworks. But we’ll get a Supreme Court confirmation.

None of these compares with packing the Supreme Court, however, which has only been proposed by a president once — Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937 — and his own party recoiled from it. No person is safe from the law when the law becomes as elastic as a packed court.

Raise the number of justices to, say, 15 by adding six liberals? When the GOP returns to power, it would add another gaggle, and eventually the court would reach into the dozens. The seesaw rocking of the country’s politics would only grow more violent. Yet Beltway Democrats are so hungry for power they are rushing to embrace this poison pill for the republic.

So the real “extremists” have “D” behind their names, and many of them held all of these views before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. The attempt to apply the label of hypocrite and to hide the fact that the Democrats are pursuing an extremist agenda is abetted by Blue Check Twitter addicts and the mainstream media. Those suffering from TDS have rallied to their latest anti-conservative cause of denying Trump his third justice. Nothing else matters — not stability, not the Constitution, not the rule of law — just beating Trump.