Poll: Supreme Court's potency as election issue surges among Dems

A Sept. 18-20 Morning Consult/Politico poll, conducted after Ginsburg’s death on Friday, reveals a more energized response from the left than from the right, at least in the short term. Compared to a week ago, the share of Democratic voters who said the Supreme Court was “very important” in deciding whom to vote for in the November elections jumped 12 percentage points to 60 percent, while the share of Republicans who said the same increased marginally, from 50 percent to 54 percent, during the same time.

Those upticks, combined with a 9-point increase among independents, amounted to a 9-point jump in the Supreme Court’s significance as a voting issue among the broader electorate since the previous survey, which was conducted Sept. 11-14. Fifty-six percent of all voters in the new survey said the court was very important to their vote, making it one of the five most potent topics — along with the economy, health care, COVID-19 and national security — facing voters ahead of Election Day. In last week’s survey, the Supreme Court ranked near the bottom of voters’ priority lists, alongside immigration, foreign policy and relations with China.