Cuomo and de Blasio sure seem bent on pushing you to flee New York

New York City, paralyzed by race-driven ideology and ­administrative incompetence, and totally outmatched by its teachers’ unions, can’t open its schools — even though charter and parochial schools seem to be doing just fine. Parents are paying attention.

Lockdown-driven fiscal calamity approaches, and both Cuo­mo and de Blasio are spending like drunken sailors — the difference being that when drunken sailors run out of money, they sober up. De Blasio wants to borrow his way out of his hole, and Cuomo isn’t really saying no to gouging another chunk out of New York’s taxpaying class —which is taking notes.

Crime, particularly gun violence, is well past the uptick stage. Double-digit surges in ­offenses that can’t be camouflaged — shootings and stabbings — are happening citywide. This is hard to ignore.

Official contempt for middle-class concerns is endemic.