Biden should choose the next Supreme Court justice. Now.

Even Trump understands this. (And if he doesn’t, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell certainly does.) In the coming days, Trump will nominate another conservative judge, this time a woman, aimed squarely at the hearts of these straying voters.

And then — mark my words — he will hold that judge up against some theoretical choice on the left: someone (or maybe a few someones) whose record offers plenty of evidence to suggest that the left is coming to eliminate free enterprise and tear down all the town-square statues.

Trump’s underlying message to these voters will be simple and alluring. Okay, maybe you find me appalling. But do you want a solid, conservative, anti-abortion justice for the next 30 years? Or do you want to take your chances with whatever radical leftist Biden will be forced to nominate? Hey, your choice.

If anything can get Trump reelected at this point, that argument really isn’t a bad bet.

Biden’s answer to these voters can’t just be: “Trust me, folks.” They don’t.

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