Why Trump needs to really prepare for his debate with Biden

Asked in Florida on Tuesday about his upcoming debate with President Trump, Joe Biden came on strong proclaiming “I’m looking forward to the debate and he’s a fool.” He even issued a warning – “Get ready, Mr. President. Here I come.”

Republicans would be wise to heed that warning. In reality, Biden is an experienced and talented debater. Anyone who saw him debate Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate Paul Ryan in 2012 knows that.

Ryan is intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable. The facts were in his favor and at his fingertips. Biden chewed him up and spit him out…

In his one-on-one debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Biden more than held his own against a tough competitor. He made no major errors nor were there any of his now-famous gaffes.

He did the job, stood his ground, and won the nomination.

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