Report: Barbara Lagoa at top of Trump's SCOTUS list

US Circuit Judge & former FL Supreme Court Justice Barbara Lagoa is at the top of Trump’s list to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat. Source who spoke to WH: “Justice Lagoa is perfect. [Trump] president wants a conservative jurist and he wants to win the biggest battleground.” 1/3

2. Geography aside, Lagoa also has some demographic advantages: she’s a Cuban-American from Miami (Hialeah), a crucial voting bloc for Trump.

Source: “How do Democrats in the Senate vote against a Latina?”
2nd source: “Lagoa is at the top of the list. She checks a lot of boxes.”

3: just because someone is “at the top of the list” does not mean she’s going to be picked or has been picked.
Judge Amy Coney Barrett is tops as well & she was a prof in Pence’s home state of Indiana

*these are reposts to correct Lagoa’s current title

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