Poll: Netflix favorability takes hit among Republicans amid "Cuties" backlash

On Sept. 9, the day “Cuties” premiered on Netflix, 74 percent of Republicans held a favorable view of the service, while 10 percent had an unfavorable review, resulting in a net favorability of 64 points (net favorability is the share who have a favorable view minus the share who have an unfavorable view). However, in the following days, net favorability among Republicans fell 21 points, with 63 percent of Republicans having a favorable view of the company, and 20 percent holding an unfavorable view.

Purchasing intent among Republicans has also fallen since the “Cuties” release, albeit not as dramatic of a fall as favorability. On Sept. 9, 59 percent of Republicans said they were likely to purchase a Netflix subscription, but as of Sept. 17, that share had fallen 10 points.

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