Scoop: Trump, Pence criticize U.S. Chamber CEO Friday call

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence criticized the CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce during a phone call Friday morning, venting their frustrations over its recent endorsement of nearly two dozen vulnerable House Democratic freshmen, two sources familiar with the call tell Axios…

What we’re hearing: According to one of the sources, Trump asked Chamber CEO Tom Donohue whether the Democratic endorsements by the traditionally conservative-leaning lobbying group were a “done deal.”

Donohue stressed that this is a process the Chamber undergoes every election cycle, adding that the Chamber uses a scorecard system and has no plans to change its process midstream.

Pence then acknowledged that the Chamber has historically supported some number of Democrats in past election cycles, but added that he and the president were frustrated with the scope of the endorsement.

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