De Blasio’s latest school retreat sends clear message to parents: Give up on NYC

My husband and I are both lifelong New Yorkers and proud New York City public-school parents to three children. But I worry mostly about my kindergartener under these conditions.

On Thursday, I felt forced to start calling private schools for him. Remote learning for kindergarteners just isn’t realistic. Kids that young are hard for teachers to understand even in person; with remote learning, it’s virtually impossible. Teaching rarely succeeds.

Which raises the bigger questions: Should we bite the bullet and just leave New York? We’re far from the only parents weighing the options.

New York puts schools last. Gov. Cuomo stuck their reopening into Phase 4 and continued with the insane part-time plan that de Blasio and Carranza can’t implement. The system has never been great, but now it’s collapsed completely.

Let’s be real: New York is dying. We don’t want to be the last ones out to turn out the light.

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