"Ching chong! You have Chinese virus!"

A 14-year-old student in Dallas was followed home by a group of high school boys who pretended to cough on him and shouted, “Ching chong! You have Chinese virus!” A 17-year-old was told over social media that their “insides are full of ‘f—ing bats” and that they should kill themselves because they are a “dirty f—ing dog eater.” An 18-year-old who was grocery shopping was called “chink” and told to go back where they came from.

These are some of the stories revealed in a new youth-led study showing that one-quarter of Asian American young adults have been the targets of racism over the past year. The discrimination they detail primarily takes the form of verbal harassment, shunning and cyberbullying.

The report was released Thursday by the Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign, a high school internship program at Stop AAPI Hate, a national center that collects reports of coronavirus discrimination against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The study details the emotional toll of growing anti-Asian sentiment around the country. Nearly 8 of 10 respondents expressed anger over the epidemic of hate against Asians.