Poll: GOP effort to cast Biden as radical liberal isn't working

Voters in the Sept. 11-14 survey, which asked respondents to place the candidates on a scale of one to seven (with one meaning “very liberal,” four meaning “moderate” and seven meaning “very conservative”), rated Biden at 2.7, similar to findings measured a month ago following his selection of Harris, who has a 2.5 rating. Trump was placed at 5.8, just slightly to the left of the 6 rating for Vice President Mike Pence.

The stability in the figures comes after the Trump campaign spent a month using the Harris pick as proof that Biden will be a puppet of the radical left if he’s elected president. The pitch relies on voters’ buying into the notion that Biden, who will turn 78 in November and has a tendency to trip over his words, would serve as a mere passenger in a Democratic administration run by a California liberal who is ideologically out of step with the public.