"Cuties" commits the sin it was made to condemn

Even if the movie is truly against the sexualization of young children, surely there are ways to do that without sexualizing them. It’s similar to using the death penalty as a societal deterrent to killing. In the end, you’re committing the same sin that you’re condemning. No good can come from it.

Ultimately, Cuties is not a film ahead of its time – we aren’t living in an era that necessitates a reminder about the evils of sexualizing children – but one that is perfect for it. Despite its intentions to speak out against the sexualization of young children, it manages to miss the mark in an objectionably abhorrent way, yet still find support among society’s elites. For them to do otherwise would be tantamount to handing a victory to their ideological opponents.

That’s how we’re left with the Cuties schism: you’re either open-minded and opposed to racism and xenophobia, or you’re horrified by the mainstreaming of child pornography.

There’s a third option, too: you can be against racism AND child porn, but simply believe in calling something what it is. In the context of Cuties, that’s a poorly executed film that doesn’t deserve praise.