Sources: Trump nominees for ambassadors to Germany, Afghanistan "not confirmable"

The senior Republican congressional aides said that the nomination of retired U.S Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor is almost certain to fail if it comes to a vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The nomination of William Ruger, a U.S. Navy reserve officer and key figure in Charles Koch’s philanthropic empire, to be ambassador to Afghanistan, is unlikely to get a vote from the committee before the November election.

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson is linked to both nominees: Macgregor has been a frequent guest on Carlson’s show, arguing that there is no evidence Iran “wants to attack” the United States and that neoconservatives have manipulated America’s foreign policy to benefit Israel.

And Charles Koch was a major funder of Carlson’s Daily Caller news site, a relationship Ruger likely facilitated in his role leading the Charles Koch Institute.

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