I was pro-lockdown for NYC — but now there’s no excuse for continuing it

The irrationality is the most ­infuriating part. A few days ago, an announcement was made that public high schools in New York are canceling their football, volleyball and cheerleading fall seasons. But tennis, soccer and field hockey are somehow allowed. Huh? That’s so arbitrary.

I tried to not be overly bitter last week, as photos of my friends’ kids returning to real schools filled my Facebook feed.

They weren’t going back to school in far-off places. Plenty were returning to full-time, in-person schooling at public schools in nearby Long ­Island and private ones in Manhattan. My own kids won’t go back to any schooling until later this week, when city public schools will ­finally start — remotely.

Do private-school and suburban parents want teachers and kids to die? No. All have weighed the risks and benefits, taken the necessary precautions and decided that it’s ­unhealthier to remove kids from live education long term.