Latino groups warn that Biden’s sluggish outreach to their voters could hurt in November

Recent polls showing President Trump’s inroads with Latinos have set off a fresh round of frustration and finger-pointing among Democrats, confirming problems some say have simmered for months. Many Latino activists and officials said Biden is now playing catch-up, particularly in the pivotal state of Florida, where he will campaign Tuesday — the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month — for the first time as the presidential nominee. Reaching out to Latino voters will be a key focus on the visit, according to a person with knowledge of the trip who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive talks.

“Within the last two weeks, they’ve been making an effort to put all the pieces in place,” said José Parra, who served as a senior adviser to Harry M. Reid when he was Senate majority leader and lives in Miami. “What worries me is how late in the game they are trying to put those pieces into place.”…

“The campaign understands that this is a priority, but at the same time there needs to be a little bit more support shown,” said Julián Castro, the only Latino who ran in the Democratic presidential primary. He added, “If we allow a narrative to take shape that somehow the issues of concern to this growing community are not prioritized, then we risk backsliding in the years to come.”