Will Democrats accept election results if they think Trump cheated to win?

“This is an issue that keeps me up at night,” Paola Mendoza, an activist and co-founder of The Women’s March, told Newsweek. “If that does not happen, if that process is not fair, we will absolutely take to the streets and absolutely demand that the president step down.”

Mendoza said she felt this way because of the prospect of foreign interference and because Trump is “making false claims that we shouldn’t trust the election results if we don’t get them the night of.”

She, like others who spoke to Newsweek, stressed that it is incumbent on the media to prepare voters for the likelihood that the winner of the election will not be known on November 3 because of outstanding mail-in ballots.

Other Democrats also emphasized that the importance of ensuring the election is fair and all votes are counted, but stopped short of saying voters will refuse to accept the results of the election if Trump is believed to have won illegitimately.

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