Republicans are knocking on doors, Dems aren't. Team Biden says that's okay.

In August, she said the Biden campaign had 2.6 million conversations with voters in battleground states. Those conversations were virtual, over the phone or via text message, or in person “when that is safe and is warranted,” she said. (The campaign also intends to begin door-to-door visits soon, not for any face-to-face meetings, but to drop off campaign literature and voter education materials.)

The Democrats’ strategy of mainly organizing from home via laptop or cellphone and forgoing traditional door-to-door canvassing is somewhat untested, but they’re banking on the assumption that it’s more effective in a pandemic…

“We think what voters are looking for right now is responsible leadership and that comes from the VP and what he’s saying, but it also comes from the campaign,” said Molly Ritner, the Biden campaign’s deputy states director.

And because of the pandemic, Ritner, like other Democrats, says it feels like more Americans are at home, sometimes isolated, on their devices and eager to talk.