Poll: Biden 51, Trump 46

Majorities of likely voters have a positive opinion of Biden and trust him over Trump on coronavirus, Supreme Court nominations, and uniting the country — and that nudges the former vice president just over 50 percent in the presidential race…

Likely voters trust Trump over Biden on just one issue: the economy, by 5 points. Biden is favored on racial inequality (+12), coronavirus (+8), health care (+8), Supreme Court nominations (+7), and immigration (+7 points).

Voters also trust Biden over Trump on “policing and criminal justice” (+7), while the two are rated about evenly on “maintaining law and order” (Biden +2)…

Over 6 in 10 think Biden has the compassion to serve effectively as president (62 percent) and just over half say he has the mental soundness (51 percent). Just over half think Trump lacks the compassion (54 percent) and mental soundness (51 percent).

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