The boos at the NFL opener show what many in white America think of equality

These messages do not denigrate the military. They do not attack white people (in fact they were endorsed by white players on both teams). They do not tell people who to vote for. They do not call for the flag to be burned. They just call for simple goals, reasonable to any right-thinking person, no matter what their race or political persuasion. And, yet, boos were heard from the crowd so loud they could be heard on television as football fans around the world watched in amazement.

Why were they booing? This should have been a moment embraced by all regardless of color, race, religion, nationality, tax bracket or political affiliation. This should have been a moment where football brought the country together in times of turbulence. It was a time to show Americans can put their differences aside and come together to watch the great US pastime of NFL football. But the fans in the crowd who booed obviously weren’t on board with that plan.

Are racism and police brutality so inherently American that when you protest against them, people think you are actually protesting against America?

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