U.S. military split over whether Trump called fallen soldiers "suckers"

Reading the report in the Atlantic, which led with a claim that Trump skipped a visit to a cemetery in France for fallen Americans because he worried that rain would mess up his hair, the 24-year-old from Montana was put off that the story was based on anonymous sources. He decided the allegations, that Trump repeatedly disparaged U.S. service members, were not to be trusted.

“I don’t believe it,” Martin said. “I think people are trying to throw dirt on him. It’s an election year.” In November, Martin said, he will vote for the president.

“He may have said stupid things; he often does,” said Martin, who serves in the 1st squadron of the 16th Cavalry Regiment. “If he did say that, it is absolutely disrespectful.… Shame on him. But he’s still doing a good job as president. He’s taking care of the economy and the military. He upped our pay.”

Martin shrugged as he contemplated that the commander in chief might have disrespected soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. “What are you going to do?” he said. “It doesn’t affect my life.”