Trump campaign weighing White House event around Election Day

There have been serious discussions about the logistics of pulling off an political event there in the closing days or hours of the race, following President Donald Trump’s satisfaction with his convention address on the White House South Lawn, according to two people familiar with the planning.

During the Republican convention, the president was criticized for using the White House as the backdrop for a purely political event, with former government ethics officials saying it represented a misuse of public resources for personal gain. Throughout the election cycle, Trump has repeatedly blurred the lines between where the office of the president ends and the campaign begins, using official remarks and trips to attack his fall rival, Democratic nominee Joe Biden…

Several scenarios are being discussed, according to the sources. One possibility under consideration would be for Trump to hold an election night victory party there with supporters, similar to the sort of event that a candidate might hold in a hotel ballroom, said one person. Another option being considered is a rally-style event at the White House on the eve of the election, said a second person.