Bring them home

Donald Trump would later try to work on a policy process to finally wind down the war in Afghanistan, and bring back roughly half of the 8,500 (officially acknowledged) troops there before the November election. As the plans were being rolled out, he was immediately hit with anonymously sourced stories about “Russian bounties” for U.S. troops killed there, which made any drawdown look like a cave-in to Putin, rather than cutting our losses in a graveyard of empires. As I write, generals are still announcing that this plan and other troop drawdowns in Iraq are forthcoming.

We’ll see if it happens. At this point, we should have our doubts. Trump hasn’t been able to bring himself to take control of the foreign-policy process. Instead, he tweets about his own authority as if speaking in the third person. Donald Trump doesn’t act like a president. He acts like a man watching the TV-show version of his presidency.

Citizens have a job, too. If we want to end these wars, we can look to Trump and say: “Do it, or we’ll find someone who will.”