Woodward and the nihilism of "LOL nothing matters" Republicans

Given that we have seen in the data that Trump’s COVID response has cost him supporters, it’s not exactly a stretch to conclude that wall-to-wall news coverage about a recording that reveals that he knew the virus was way worse than he said publicly might further impact some people’s perception of him!

This truth is so obvious it’s hard to believe anyone actually doubts it.

Anyone who does doubt it—and I mean really, sincerely, doubts it and isn’t just play acting on Twitter because it’s part of their brand—has been broken by politics and the internet.

But maybe we’ve all been broken by politics and the internet, because we shouldn’t even be talking about the political impacts of this.

We should be talking about the insane fact that there is a recording of the president saying how dangerous this pandemic was at the same time he was lying to the American public and telling them not to worry about it because it was going to disappear “like a miracle.”

In any normal time, a revelation like this would trigger the president’s resignation, not because of the politics, but because of the moral outrage.

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